Brian (anthro_emesis) wrote in desireyourfear,

1.First Name: Brian

2.Middle Name: Daniel

3.Last Name: Butler

4.Nicknames: Guppie, Gossip

5.Birthday: Nov 22nd, 1987

6.How old would that make you? 16

7.Star Sign: Sagittarius

More Intimate (Just some more basic questions…only in detail)

8.Righty or Lefty? Righty

9.Hair Color: Dirty brown

10.Preferred Hair Color: Natural

11.Eye Color: Dirty brown...

ahh, fuck the grammar, i'll be here all day if i continue this

12.Preferred Eye Color: hmm... natural, again

13.What would you be wearing right now? I would be wearing blue plaid pajamas and a Tool shirt.

14.What jewelry are you wearing, if any? fuck jewelry

This or That (Everybody just LOVES this section…don’t you?)

15.Coke or Pepsi: coke

16.Cake or Pie: depends on the cake or pie

17.Popcorn or Chips: chips

18.Theatre or Home: theatre

19.Pants or Shorts: depends on how hot it is... imagine that

20.Phone or AIM/AOL: in person... just call me old-fashioned

21.Sneakers or Boots: sneakers

22.Pudding or Jell-O: pudding

23.Winter or Summer: winter for the snow, summer for the lack of school

24.Ski or Board: board

25.Chocolate Milk or White Milk: strawberry

26.Silver or Gold: fuckin' platinum, man

27.Cows or Pigs: cows taste better

Favorites (Is this your favorite section? It’s mine.)

28.Color: blue green

29.Number: fuck numbers, my favorite song right now is Stinkfist by Tool

30.Time of the day: 2:10 PM

31.Day of the week: friday

32.Month of the year: july

33.Scent: chocolate chip cookies

34.Taste: grilled chicken

35.Flavor of pudding: butterscotch

36.Flavor of Jell-O: cherry, and not that sugar free crap

37.Flavor of Ice Cream: chocolate fudge brownie, chocolate chip cookie dough, vanilla bean, and any of the weird flavors that only come in pint sizes

38.Kind of Cake: cheesecake

39.Kind of Pie: pecan

40.Beverage: strawberry milk

41.T-Shirt: well, i want to get a custom one that says "If you find this shirt offensive, go fucking kill yourself.", but i love my tool shirt, it fits perfectly

Relationships (Friends...and more)

42.Do you have friends? what's it to ya?

43.I would sure hope so. How many? a few

44.Who's the one you secretly hate? if i hated them, they wouldn't be my friends, now would they?

45.Who's the one you would die without? my band

46.Who's gonne be pissed you sent them this? not sending it to anybody

47.Who won't give a rats bum? probably everybody that reads this

48.Have a crush? Who? not really

49.Have you ever had a bf/gf before? yeah

50.Were they good bf/gf material? 1 no, 1 yes

51.How many gf/bf's have you had? 2

52.Who was the best one? Mandy

53.Do you have a bf/gf now? yes

54.Tell me their name: my right hand

55.What is your current view on the relationship?

56.What needs work?

57.What's perfect?

58.Tell me...oh I don't know, 5 nice things about your gf/bf: always willing, knows what i want, i dunno...

Guys Section (Fill it out. It isn't limited to just guys)

59.Tall or Short? medium, a little shorter than me

60.Brunette or Blonde? (by the way, blondes are becoming extinct...) doesn't matter

61.Long or short hair? long

62.Make-up? no

63.Short or long nails? short

64.Jewelry or no? doesn't matter, just don't make me wear any

65.Tan or fair? only if it's a real tan, otherwise, don't fake it

66.Freckles? freckles are fine

67.chubby or anorexic? chubby

68.Shy or outgoing? either, as long as they can talk to me

69. Ok guys, you think this number is funny. Don't you? You sick little pervert.

70.Innocent girl or Naughty girl? innocent

71.Do you like taking lead in the relationship? there should be no leads in a relationship

72.Do you prefer to make the first move at all times? no, i hate it

Girls Section (Fill it out. Not limited just to girls.)

73.Boxer or Briefs? well, i'll just fill this out about myself, so.. boxers

74.Short or long hair? getting longer every day

75.Tall or short? 5'8"

76.Muscles or Regular guy? umm... don't really know.. in between, i guess

77.Naughty or Nice guy? i try to be nice

78.Do you want a Romantic Guy? i don't want any guy

79.Are hats ok? i need to buy a hat

80.Piercings? fuck piercings, isn't that jewelry?

81.Do you like Dimples? sure, why not

82.How about Freckles? don't care

83.Cutie or macho man? i'm a musician!

84.Dark or Light eyes? dark brown

85.Tan or Fair? fair, but not ghostly

86.Jewelry or none? none

87.chubby or anorexic? i'm a happy medium, i guess

88.Shy or outgoing? depends on the situation

89.Do you like to take lead in the relationship? don't want any lead

90.Do you like to make the first move? nope

The Random Section (Just trying to add more questions)

91.What's the stupidest thing you have ever done? ran on a treadmill at full speed for about 3 seconds

92.What's the most embarassing thing you have ever done? busted open a friend's dad's bedroom door at 3:00 in the morning... LONG story

93.What's the nicest thing you have ever done? i don't know

94.How do you get to school? my mom

95.What do you eat for breakfast? granola bars

96.What do you sleep in? boxers

97.What color are your bedroom walls? white, hopefully soon to be painted dark green

98.How about your sheets? white

99.How many people have been with you inbetween those sheets? none

100.Wasn't this a fun survey? well, it's one way to spend a sunday morning
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